Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 39.......................Why?

After a two day break from the trail, I missed it. I understand that I needed to rest as my body was telling me so. But, it is so hard to sit around town when you are used to putting one foot in front of the other for hours at a time, lost in your own thoughts with only a video camera to speak too!
Today I awoke early and did the morning rituals for a change rather than Vickie, I had the kettle boiling and the cereal ready in no time and was ready to get out on the trail, back to the office that  many of you wouldn’t miss, but when your office is the Australian bush, working is great and hard work better.

Andy my mate and project mentor called to see how I was getting on as Vickie drove me to the trail head. It was great to talk, get confirmed what I already knew, from someone who is away from the front line and has a wealth of experience in running long. It’s like you know you’re on the right path, but need that bit of reassurance.

We arrived at the trail head and Vickie was going to run out the first 5km with me, one for her training and two…and this is my thoughts,  to make sure I took it easy being my first day back!
It was a cold but beautiful morning. Blue skies and fresh air what more could you want. The terrain around these parts is relatively flat though still up at around the 1200mts in altitude mark.

I felt great just taking it nice and easy with Vickie by my side, no pain in the quad , just me and my girl breathing in the clean mountain air, enjoying the sunshine together on the BNT.
Vickie turned back and I had to cover another 32km to get to where she would be a couple of hours later. It was the type of land that you could run fast and light and knock off the distance in a short while, but with the weather being so glorious, Vickie not going to be at the finishing point until a little later and of course the big question mark over my left quad, I was going to take it easy all the way and just enjoying being back on the trail.

However, this is the BNT and as my now 1200km experience had shown me. Nothing is quit that simple.
Another 8km in and my right glute was now the problem. It something I have had for ever and I can normal rectify it with a simple stretch and the exercises my physio, Kate from PURE Physio had given me before I left. This time was different, so I had to improvise!

It when downhill from here on in. I had to limp from the glute pain which made my quad work harder on the left, not a good thing as it was only coming back from its own problems a couple of days ago. I kept on with a stretch now and again, but it wasn’t responding. I decide it was time to just hike it again, and just like last time, it was 20km again!

10km out and a four wheel drive came in the opposite direction, stopped and the lovely couple in it ask if I was OK as I had this limp going on. I told them my story and they kindly took me the 10km to Vickie.........relief.
Back to square one. I have stretched all afternoon, Vickie has massaged me, I have been on to my physio Kate again and I have booked a appointment with a physio tomorrow in Lithgow. What more can I do?

It’s nothing serious I know it. Just a minor setback, building more to my character. I’ll be busy on my day off, starting with an talk at the local high school.
Wish me luck!

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