Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 67 - 68, 69………………………Much Needed Day Off!

Amazing fruit and veg at FoodWorks Gloucester
A busy day off in Gloucester, we had arranged to be at the FoodWorks store for 9am to sort out an interview with the local paper, radio station and get the shopping done. We had spent the evening camped in the competitions carpark,  IGA Supermarket, but Innes owned this too, and as I learnt from having dinner with him and his family the night before, it sounded like this town should be called Innescester.
It was good to catch up on a few things and just take some time out from the relentless pounding  I was putting my body through.

Day 68……………………..People You Meet

I started in a place called Caramea Homestead, I was lucky to start here as It was the other side of the Drover Gap where I had been forbidden to go the day before. I wouldn’t have started there if it wasn’t for Anthony a local cattleman.
It was a four wheel drive track all overgrown that took a steep decent down a spur line to the bottom of the valley floor where the homestead was.

Anthony had taken time out of his day to take me down there and take a look around some where he hadn’t been for a number of years.
So ,who’s Anthony I hear you ask? We had driven from Gloucester to a place called Nowandoc  the night before and I was going to run from there to Yarrowitch. We had pulled up in a rest area in the middle of town (well three houses and a closed down shop) We were all ready for bed and we hear this ute pull up. It was Anthony to clean up the toilets and empty the bins. Vickie felt sorry for him with it being 10pm and him still working and I was sent out to see if he wanted a cuppa.

Before we knew it we had him in the van having a good old yarn, turns out he knew heaps about the trail. He offered me he lift down into the valley so that I could run this thing properly.

8am on the dot and Anthony pulls up. I wondered all night if he was going to be there, he was a bit blurry eyed as he finished a beer the night before and headed home.

It was a cold and foggy start to the day. The decent was steep and it was an 8km uphill battle to get out. Once at the top I had the undulating 20km back into town along the main road and then another 10km down a dirt road to Top Station where I finished up for the day. We were lucky to get the Mothership down there, the road was good, but only went as far as the station. Tomorrow I would be heading out over the rough country.
Views from the top of the velley, worth the climb

Day 69………………………Top Station Wilderness

We awoke to a beautiful morning in the rolling country side of this station. The foggy valleys made for a magical started as I headed up the dirt track watching the Mothership drive out the opposite way, it looked like a speck in this vast landscape.

I had a 43km of tough going and not much of a trail to follow as I made my way through huge cattle stations without a person or property in sight. The focus of today was going to be getting to the finish by at least 1pm as Vickie had arranged a talk at the school in a town called Walcha.

I often think how great some of these sections would be if I wasn’t so tired in the legs. 43km for me is not such a huge distance but when you put back to back marathons or more together over mountainess terrain consecutively it becomes a whole different experience. If it was a weekend run with friends you would have it knocked off in just a few hours having a whole lot of fun along route. Not that I’m not having fun, but pain and lots of it makes up most of my days both physically and mentally. So at least I’m experiencing what I wanted to while planning this run.
Another day heading out into the wilderness
I made it by 1pm on the dot and we rushed into town just in time to entertain a bunch of school kids that often surprise me with some of the intelligent questions they can ask at such a young age.

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