Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 70……………………...Nerina Joins me for a morning.

The alarm went off at 4am and I was surprisingly wide awake. We would be picking up Nerina today who worked at the FoodWorks in Walcha for a 20km run starting where I had finished up the day before.
Nerina had contacted us when she found out that I was visiting the store she works at and wanted to join me for a few K’s. It was something different for me, I hadn’t had anybody run with me since Day one and I was getting very comfortable with myself.
We had to start early as the drive to the start was 45mins out of town and Nerina had to work that morning.

First light had just broken when we jump out of the car and it was still very foggy. Vickie would be supporting us today, so I didn’t need to carry my pack and it was easy terrain 20km up a management track. I wanted today to be as scenic as the day before, it’s like if people are going to join me I want them to experience some of the great places I had and not some dirt road running through the state forest. But, what I’m forgetting here is that this is still beautiful and for the road runner it couldn’t be better. I have just been spoilt running through huge gorges and valleys, but for most these places are un-runnable, only us true trail runners are able to run 20k over hard terrain to get a great view only to run another 30km to get out. There are many beautiful places you can drive to but the true experience is right out in the wilderness where few have traversed.
This was to be Nerina’s last long run before her marathon this weekend, and I hope that the uneven terrain didn’t mess it up for her. She must have enjoyed herself, she asked us back for breakfast and cooked us up a storm, and it didn’t stop there we were back there for dinner and a night in front of the fire.

It still amazes me how wonderful people are, they are always wanting to help out anyway they can.

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