Monday, 25 June 2012

Day ????? Running, Streaching, of course Eating, Social Media, Diary, Radio Interviews, Paper Interviews, Video Uploading.........Blogging.

I’ve been slack on the blog front for a week or so now, not so much slack, but have been really concentrating on the running as that’s what I’m here to do, and have been doing day in day out for nearly 13 weeks. It’s taken me well and truly over the 2000km mark and the last crossing over the border and into Queensland. I also worked out that over that time I have run 58 mountain marathons on average, which blows my mind, so how non-runners or social runners get there head around me doing that every day over some of Australia’s toughest terrain and with a full pack, I do not know.
The day after the 73km bush bash and river swims of The Guy Fawkes National Park left me 38km away from the 2000km milestone. I was sore that morning and tired from what was a difficult day out running that 73km section.
Vickie was energetic and was pushing me to get me moving and reach that 2000km mark where ever it may have been. Me, I wasn’t really that bothered, I was stiff, sore and tired and it wouldn’t have bothered me if I reached that mark the next day.
10km in and I hadn’t warmed up, my quads where repeatedly asking me to stop, but I was this far in so I carried on.

It was great that Vickie could spend the day with me and take the burden of my pack for the day, leaving me to just plod away in my own thoughts, thoughts of wanting to curl up with a latte on the Maui sofa.

30km in and Vickie had organised all the campers at the site I was passing to come out and cheers me on, a great little booster, just what I needed, she must of known I wasn’t my enthusiastic self!
8km of climbing would have me hit that next 1000km and see me in the pub celebrating on another milestone of this massive run.

Celebrations were cut short as the following day I was back it, it was going to be a short run though after having a late start and the weather wasn’t the best, raining, well drizzling really for only the third time on the trip!
I was in a great mood and joked and giggled all afternoon as I ran in the rain.

We set up camp in the middle of the farm track we were on, as I could just step out the van early the next morning and just get on with the next day, I tell you, there’s no rest on this run.
The next day the weather was better, overcast and no rain and a good opportunity to crank lout some KM.

15km in and I come across Vickie parked up at a farm gate talking with a local cattleman. The next section of the days run would take me through Ben’s land and over into Washpool National Park and through a valley of yet more private land and a huge cattle station.
That night Vickie cooked up a storm at Bens place, and I enjoyed a few beers with him learning a bit about what goes on in the world of the cattleman. It was nice of him to let us into his place for a drink and a chat and we ended up camping out the front of his place after turning down the offer of sleeping on the sofa in front of his log fire, not sure why we did that!

Late start again the time we had finished up brekkie and said our good byes to Ben.
Today I would be running through Washpool NP before spending the day running through some very remote private land.

It was a hard day to navigate, the trail was non-existent which made it fun, getting lost, crossing creeks, jumping fences both barbed and electric, as well as getting my shoes full of grass seeds due to the length of it around these parts, which made me think of snakes more so than I have before. It wasn’t until I reached the four wheel drive track towards the end of the day until I saw one, and only the third of the trip.

Not bitten, but a little beaten up from scrub and slippery sharp rocks, I made it to the finish for the day some 54km later.

The next day was only 30km from one main road to the next, I only needed to go over three valleys for the day, it was much of what the day offered before which made for a longer day than expected, but fun all then same.
Boonoo Boonoo National Park……..what a name. The run today would be on a dirt road that went straight through the middle of Boonoo x 2 NP. It was another opportunity for Vickie to join me for the day and for me to have a break from my pack. The day would finish in a tiny town called Liston. I say tiny as most towns out this way in Australia can sometimes only have three houses, but liston had one!

The following day would be border crossing day. Queensland here I come! I would be taken the dirt highway to the border before heading along the rabbit proof fence, not in Queensland and not in New South Wales, just a sort of no-mans land. This would take me across more private land before finally crossing the border for the final time of this trip and in to sunny Queensland…….and it was.

Since the hop skip and jump into QLD it seems the trail has become way more accessible with the Maui Mothership. This has made Vickie very happy, but it means for me as a trail runner some unhappy days out there on some sealed roads, and as I have mentioned many times before its not where I like to be, but it seems to be good for knocking off some distance....

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