Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 107.............What the....Queensland Weather?

Its been a funny few days for many reasons. Firstly the weathers been a bit all over the place with it raining, being gray, then sunny, then cold, then to hot...sound much like a Melbourne day, but for the best part its been warm.

Vickie mum Linda and her husband Trevor came out for a few days to join us on the BNT, and it turn out to be the worst few days we have had in QLD.....Not because of them! It was great to see them, in fact them being here over that period was a good thing, as the weather was dreary the media meetings a little non magical and the scenery not very pleasing to the eye, typical when you have guest, right?

There has also been this feeling of unfriendliness in this area. Its not that we haven't come across any great people because we have. I had just one of those great people track me down quite literally by using the SpotTracker., so he could shake my hand and donate $50.00 to my cause! Simple Amazing, people on this trip are amazing!

But, the people on route in some more remote parts of the countryside have been less friendly and a little odd!

I bumped into one such guy on the top of a hill in the middle of no where, where he had built his house (well shed really). It wasn't until I reached the top that I realised there was a property there and a very unfriendly dog to go with it.

After a few #$%$ &^#@( &^&$ words with the dog it backed away and the came the owner who had a few of the same words in return to me, watched on by his 7 year old son! Not a nice thing to be witnessing.

To cut a very long and swear ed filled story short. He didn't want anybody coming through his land and was either going to shoot them or have his dogs chew their legs off! I tried to defuse the situation a little, then I got the response "would you like a Mandarin from my orchard" strange I know, so I joined him for an orange some more complaining, before he decided that he would wish me luck and explain the way through his property. Bazaar to say the least, but it would be an adventure if people were always so nice!

It was nice to have some new and familiar faces at the end of each day. We didn't do much really the whole time Vickie's mum was here, but I think it was good for them to take time out of their busy work life to spend some time just relaxing in the Maui Mother Mothership so we called it!

Its been warm today, wet, but warm, and the forecast for the next few days are the same with the sunshine coming back on Saturday, in time for the weekend that makes no difference to me!

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