Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day 110................Rain, Rain and More Rain.

It rained all day yesterday, in fact in rained the whole night before as well. I lay in bed that night wondering if we would have the Mothership bogged and have to spend the day trying to get her out.
We had camped at the side of the track in the middle of nowhere, where we seem to be most of the time, the BNT rarely goes through any towns, and the one’s it does you couldn’t really consider to be.
It was a warm morning wet a humid; I was tossing up whether to bother with a rain jacket knowing that it would be coming off within the first 10mins. But then there’s the possibility of it cooling down, me being soaked through and then getting cold. Anything could happen and I was going to be out there for some time with 55km to cover through the overgrown state forest where I would be spending most of the run.
I decided to cover all bases as a true professional should, stop laughing those who know me! The morning would have me climbing up and around a mountain that I can’t remember the name of!
It poured, none stop, even the trees were offering zero shelter, and I was soaked within minutes of being out there. The long grass and shrubs added to the wetness as I brushed by and through them.
I was popped out the other side of the forest on what they call the Old Coach Road, it was old and a road, but of course no coaches these days!
I was welcomed by yet another BNT sign.

For the last 200km or so I have come across these great signs. It’s a really good way to showcase the trail and it’s the first time I have come across anything like it since being on the trail. It baffles me why no matter which sign I come across the distances seem to be the same, not only that , but the overall distances don’t add up to the 5330km that the BNT is advertised at!
Once on the Coach Road I though the rest of the day was going to be easy following it through to Biggenden. The Coach Road turned to trail 5km later and had me bush bashing for another 10km before finding the other side of it.
Still raining, I made my way through the forest on a four wheel drive track. I was feeling pretty good mentally considering the rain was relentless. My knee had the odd feeling of not being fully functional, and this was really noticeable on some of the steeper descents.
The final 20km was on a farm track through a huge staawtion. Looks like the farmer wasn’t happy with the Dingo’s on his land as a sore a couple hanging up in the trees that had been shot. Not a nice sight on any day of the week, but with it being wet and soggy it wasn’t pretty.
I was soon back on a sealed road and making my way in to town. I was looking forward to the finish of today, getting dry and eating!
We checked into a camping park last night. We needed to get some things washed and dried, including myself. It was a change to be having a shower with some space and not timing myself to save water! It rain again all night, and the days not looking to bright at the moment. But, its warm and I’m going running again today so I’m all smiles.

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