Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 102..................Eagles to Poems.

Freezing start to the morning, by QLD standards anyway!

The first 10km was on a sealed road out the back of town, just nicely undulated through the trees and towards the valley that would take me to Nanango.

Once at the start of the valley the trail took a steep and rough decent, which made it fun to be dodging the giant boulders and huge cracks that made up the trail.

Once on the valley floor I followed a very rough four wheel drive track that offered some magnificent scenery with its gentle walls, tree filled and long grass that changed colour depending what angle you looked at it.

The creek was up and the crossing was more like a river crossing as the water came well above knee height.

An eagle flew over head and followed me for about KM, I watch trying not to trip as he left his shadow in front of me.

I would scare red deer know and again and they would run up the valley sides and disappear into the long grass before I could get a picture of them.

The end of the run was a climb out of the valley and then a sealed road in to town where I met Vickie for a late lunch, before knocking out another 10km to make up for what I missed yesterday.

Then in dawned on me that I am now over the halfway mark!! No celebration as in only realised  that I had crossed over that mark as we were working out what we were going to have for dinner.

So, as our usual evening celebrations go we went to the local RSL tonight for a dinner and a couple of beers!

The state of origin was on and the place was busy. We met a very kind and generous guy from NZ who was interested in our story and passionate about the work we are doing with SANE.

A long story, but, his daughter is having a struggle with mental health at present and he is terminally ill. We sat and listened as he shared his story, and thanked us for what we were doing for others.

As we were living he gave us this poem about the things he had learnt from us in such a short space of time.

Why do people from the coldest place always have the happy face? people like kiwis, us who care I wish you people were everywhere.
Just because I'm dying, please you people don't stop trying, just like birds to a feather, I hope your guys stick together.
Even tough we have had some laughs, please (forest) run your path.
I guess people like me need to go, for people like you that need to grow. xx

Its a wonderful feeling knowing that your making a difference in the world, it sometimes feels like your doing nothing while you are out there pushing forward out of your comfort zone. Its little moments like these that make it all worthwhile.

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