Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 132...........60 Plus Year Olds are Trouble

Back on the trail heading towards the range. Today would take me once again through some private stations before climbing and then taking me across the top of the range for the rest of the day.

It was hot early, I knew it was going to be a hot day and pretty open going through cattle country.

I was just about to head out and two dirt bikes pulled up. I wondered what they were up to and headed over, looks like they were following the BNT too, well at least what they could of it, and they raced off up the road leaving both me and Vickie in a cloud of dust.

I made my way up the track enjoying the glorious weather and the views of the range.

An hour later the bikers came racing down again. Looks like there was no road for them to follow at the top end as the trail took off over farm land. They had chatted with the farmer who informed them that no one had been through for a long time it would be overgrown with Lantarner and the whole place would be a swamp after all the rain that Queensland's had received early in the winter.

Obviously a no go area for a dirt bike, but what would it hold for a runner?! I continued on to where the road ended, It was a swamp it was a swamp that was chest height completely over grown with thorny bushes and lantarner, and root and logs under foot. I quickly realised that I would be going like this for another 8km and the way things where going I would end up with an injury, or worst still, a snake bite, it was there territory.

I decided that it would be safer to go back, I called Vickie, luckily having reception, so she could meet me back where she had dropped me off, meaning I could still run the distance.

We drove back into Saint Lawrence where we had camped the night before and would drive out to the far side of the range the following day to start off where I should have finished.

We heard that the local pub was cooking up a BBQ and decided to go down and meet some of this town of 50.

We got chatting with two lovely older couples who were doing the caravan thing around QLD. After hearing the BNT story to date they kindly brought us dinner and donated to SANE, what a very kind bunch of people.

Well at least I thought!
A lot of trouble!

The next morning I awoke with what you call a headache. They wouldn't let me buy a beer all night and ultimately I got a little drunk! It wasn't just the bunch of beers I had at the pub it was the few cans I had back at the caravan with them that polished me off.

People of trouble, for a man who is attempting to run the length of the Great Divide! I was looking forward to the marathon mountain run ahead on this super hot day!

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