Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 132............Running out the Cobwebs

It was too hot to be running with a hangover, what had I done to myself? It was going to be a long 40km along the top of the ridge all day without shade, only the views and the fact that I had Vickie in the Mothership for support were going to keep me on the move today. Water was going to be the key, and lots of it!

It only took me 5km to get into it, my headache had been shook off and I was enjoying the undulation and broad views of the ocean in the very far distance.

20km in and I come down the trail to find Vickie with all the Maui tools out at the side of the trail. Flat tyre number three for the trip! Lucky she was spending the day with me, we had the wheel off and replaced in no time. I was back running the trail soon enough.

We then came across a four wheel drive coming the opposite way. It was the lady who owned the next station down, on her way to the city to take her daughter to a Grease musical some 3 hour drive away.

We were then met by another four wheel drive, it was the Lady's mother in law to pick up our tyre to get fixed back at the property. She had kindly called ahead and organised it with her husband who sent his mum to grab it from us. It was very kind of them, and we were lucky as we were in the middle of nowhere on top of this range.

We made it to the Maryland's Station homestead, where I was met by two backpackers as I ran in, this was getting interesting!

They were working on the property teaching the owners children, we would have dinner with them that night and park the Mothership out the front!

It was a long day out in the full sun, no shade for the whole day. It was amazing that we were out in the middle of this vast station only to bump into so many people, which lead to a chain of events in getting our tyre fixed, getting a hot shower, and joining some others for a great meal and a bag of giggles.

This run continues to amaze me, there are so many great people in this country!

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