Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 132.................Back on the Road :(

The trail turned in to highway today, the Bruce Highway to be exact, known also as the National Highway, a big name and a hell of a lot of traffic!

It runs from Brisbane to Cairns some 1700km, does that mean once I finish up this run I have ran the National Trail and National Highway?

There are many complications when running highways, much like in the mountains, but where there is highways there is traffic, something I haven't really needed to contend with this last four months and something you never get in the mountains.

With traffic comes road kill and I have spent the day dry reaching every 10 minutes at the stench of dead something. Then there's the sight of what ever poor animal happened to be crossing the road at that time and they come in all types and sizes and varying degrees of squashedness. I was making my way up the road hoping there wasn't going to be the smell of a rotting ultra runner in the near future.

Being hit by a large truck would be one thing, but a road train another, if the truck itself didn't kill you, the half dozen or so trailers behind surely would, and if you were still lucky, or very unlucky more to the point, then the trail of Gray Nomads and there caravans behind would defiantly do the trick!

What were all these people thinking as they made their journey up or down the highway, seeing me tinkering up the road on my own two feet. I could see the amazement on some people faces, going to show just how close they were! I was half expecting the news to rock up or worst the police, but this is the 30km section that the BNT takes along the highway, so I was meant to be there.

After turning off to make my way towards the range I stumble across this fella, who had been hit on a side road. This was two kilometres to the meeting point so Vickie was around to see him too.
Not something I would normally take a picture of, but never get to capture the wild pigs live in the bush. Yes, a pig! that's how big they are around here.

Looking forward to tomorrows climb up the range, it seems a while since Ive had something to really get me swearing!

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  1. There was a guy who recently walked all the way around Australia following the Highways. Imagine, he walked all the way from Townsville to Sydney following first the Bruce and then the Pacific Hwy. Would have been pretty scary at times.

    That boar is MASSIVE!