Saturday, 25 August 2012

Open Country and Opened Beers

Shade was something I was looking forward to, it seems that the country has really opened up and the weather is defiantly getting hotter, getting out of the sun has not not really been an option option.

I find myself trying to use the Maui Mothership as shade when I meet Vickie every 5km for a drink stop. It seems that Vickie can spend some more time with me yet, as the trail just keeps heading north on these lonesome roads in the middle of nowhere. Its great to have her as support considering the weather conditions. Running in a straight line seeing the 50km that you have in front of you is testing to say the least.

The Queensland part of the trail as I have mentioned before is flat and pretty open going and with the sun getting a stronger sting in it the further north I get, the more it drains your energy levels.

The ups to being out in the middle of nowhere is that when you finally come across someone, it seems they are as happy to see you as you are them, it seems these areas get to even the locals.

I was heading towards the Bowan River on one of the days renowned for it abundance of crocodiles. It was assuring to have Vickie ahead in the Mothership as to see how deep the crossing of it was going to be.

Vickie had passed the crossing when I got there, as there was a bridge and was parked at the pub the other side.

It is such a strange place to have a pub, I had only passed two stations on the 150km journey in nowhere to get there, and there was no town just this pub. and one house behind.

Its wasn't just the fact that it was in nowhere with no one around, but the fact it was 10 meters from the croc infested river, something you wouldn't want to fall in after having a few, and perhaps the reason there was no one else around.

We met with the lady in the house behind, in fact it was a Homestead for a 600 hectors cattle station only a baby compared to most. The owners were in the guide book and when Vickie had contacted them, they couldn't do enough for us and insisted we parked the Maui at their place.

It wasn't long before they had arranged the neighbours to come over for a BBQ, neighbours that were some 50km away. Seem like no matter how far you live away from the pub in these parts it nothing to make a one or two hour drive to the pub, and then another  three or four hours on the return!!

I knew my own journey the following day was going to be twice a s long as normal going by the hospitality of these people. Its had to say no when people are so friendly and welcoming. its even harder, when, they have already took the lid of the stubby and are shoving it into your hand.

Next thing i know its morning again and I have yet another marathon to get on with with a far bit of climbing as I would be going up and over the range, not something that would be totally enjoyable, while carrying a foggy head. Seems these days that its becoming a bit of a habit, but as I keep saying to Vickie, Its all part of the adventure and the journey north!

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