Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Day 17……………..Snow Never Tasted So Good!
What does an ultra-runner do when removed from the mountains they so passionately run?
They passionately eat cake at the local coffee shop in front of a fire place, waiting for the snow to clear, and it will clear, the suns shining this afternoon and I have confidence in moving on to Tom Groggin on the boarder of VIC and NSW tomorrow.

Support Crew gets in on the cake action!

It’s been a busy day, uploading pictures and Videos, that takes hours! Making calls to Parks VIC/NSW and the BNT section coordinators for access points moving forward, and of course keeping an eye on the weather!
The good news is that I’m heading to the boarder tomorrow 35km over the mountains will take me to Tom Groggin, where I have been told I will have to address the crossing of the Murray River, its high and the bridge was washed out some time ago!
Back at a camp ground, just finished off a nice little Mexican feast that Vickie put together, think we are going to kick back and have a relaxing night ready for a big days running tomorrow, back in the mountains.

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