Monday, 2 April 2012

Day 8 ......... Precautionary

Heyfield, for those of you that have never heard or been here, you’re not missing much! It’s the nearest town to Licola North where Vickie picked me up from the final finishing point yesterday!
This morning we drove into Licola, and Vickie suggested finding someone locally to drive me out to the trail tomorrow morning.....with a 4wd! We saw the Lions Club Village......and guess what, they were so lovely and helpful....offering to drive me out first thing in the morning! People are so good.

I sit here in the Railway Hotel, Heyfield with a deer above my head wondering if one day this guy wondered the ridge line where I was lost yesterday. Nice of the owner to let us both have a couple of hours in here, uploading videos and photos. Funny places country pubs, nothing going on just the horse racing on in the background and the odd wining Aussie accent that you get in whoop whoop!

I feel strange today, I feel like I have failed to an extent, having to take a break so early on. It’s needed though after the horror of yesterday. It’s hard to put in to words how lost and terrified I was! Adventures aside, I need to take time out today to make sure both me and Vickie are on the same page for everything.

I have 120km to cover over the next two days and that starts tomorrow with a 60km run through Butcher Country, like Mount Terrible, I hope this isn’t appropriately named! I have visions of strange men in plastic aprons with meat cleavers out there on the loose!

The Butcher Track is a steep climb of 60km over the rooftop of the Alpine region. The two four wheel drivers I came across yesterday said it was an awful track even in the 4x4! I will be camping overnight….eek! Then I will back it up with another 60km run out to the Maui Mothership…….and this time it will all go to plan. This is starting with a very kind lady at the Lions Club Youth Camp, driving me in to yesterday’s finishing point by four wheel drive. Leaving Vickie to get on with all the things she needs to do and hasn’t had the chance to due to our remoteness.

The days going so quick, it’s already 2pm and a feel like I haven’t rested. We still need to drive back to Licola tonight. I need to get all my gear ready for tomorrow as I have two such long days ahead of me! This is really going to be an adventure 120km through the absolute wilderness, a little daunting to say the least!

It’s odd, you would think I would feel refreshed not running today, but, to be honest I’m feeling flat and my quads have decided to be sore. How does that work? You run a massive amount of KM over the last week, tackling some monsters of hills and you stop for a few hours and then you get sore?! What’s the lesson learned there!

The weathers turned dark outside of the pub, not sure if rains forecast, but, here’s to hoping to not!

Ok, I guess I will fill you in on days nine and ten when I return………and I will return!

POST SCRIPT!!!! Written by Vickie....because at 4pm when Rich wrote this, I told him 'You can't post it...... the day's not over yet!!!...............and of course it wasn't.............

SO.......after our day in town, we drove back to the Lions Club Village, which was hosting a group of underprivleged kids for this weeks camp! We were just popping in to confirm details for the mornings 4wd.....but they asked us to come and join them for dinner......10 staff and about 100 kids!
What a privilege to share a meal with some great people and some really wonderful who are doing it a bit tough and NOT by choice. We hope they have a wonderful week or adventure at camp.....I know they lifted our spirits last night!


  1. Being an avid Ultrarunner I love reading your daily blogs. Keep up the good work and stay strong. Im sure the days are tough (for both of you) but in my eyes, your BOTH legends.
    Ben Storer

  2. Hi Richard. I had the pleasure of meeting Vickie in a Bairnsdale camp kitchen today, and learning of your journey. I will be following your journey here, and hope to be in a position to make a real contribution to your effort soon. Wishing you and Vickie both - safety, health, and every success.