Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 35..............Relaxed Run

Lazing around all morning was just what I needed. Not that I’m away early each day as such, but it was nice to just take it easy and enjoy the sunshine.
The showgrounds at Taralga were basic, most of the showgrounds or BNT campsites are. Their more catered for horses than people, but the beauty of the Maui Mothership is we get to have that little bit of normalness in some less than normal places.
We brewed coffee for the second time and I was still wrapped up in the doona. I had eaten breakfast but was once again needing more than that, and was munching on bananas and muesli bars, not even the monstrous slab of steak I had at the pub last night and the tower of toasted sandwiches Vickie made on our return to the Maui afterwards come curb my hunger this morning, and before I knew it, it was lunch and time for a much needed sandwich, followed by a cup of tea and cake. “Are you even running today” Vickie asked. Of course I was I wanted to, and with only 25km to knock off I was in no rush to get out there. I just wanted to enjoy the day with this relaxed feeling.
I stretched in the warmth of the sun and reflected on just how far I had come over the last month or so. I was happy and felt lucky that I can be here doing this, even the odd bad day with logistics and bad weather couldn’t wipe the smile I had of my face.
Vickie was doing some of her own training on the showgrounds oval, which was nice to see as she never gets out much since starting on this project, she’s just been too busy catering for me, which I sometimes feel a little bad about. Team work it’s called and I know I couldn’t be doing this without her commitment, support and love.
I did finally start jogging up the Taralga Main Street about 2pm and the first 5km were a little difficult, as I tried to shake off the sleepy feeling I had enjoyed for the best part of the day.

Today’s run would take me to a winery 25km out of town and I urged Vickie to get there early to check it out!

Not much happened on the way, but meeting with another farmer!

I arrived as the sun dipped behind the mountains and the temperature dropped. Vickie had the usual Musashi recovery drink and sandwiches ready to go and I smashed them down as I waited for the water to warm so I could have a shower.

Peter at the winery, had kindly offered for us to use his phone as once again we were out of mobile reception, and I need to speak with a coaching client of mine that I have struggled to do since leaving Healesville.

Peter offered that we stayed a while and it’s hard to knock back an offer when the fires burning strong and the kettles on. Once again we were meeting with kind and friend people, people that somehow we just seem to bump into, and share a story or two.

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