Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 32……………….Yet Another Marathon.

A marathon a day for 5.5 months sometimes more is what I had planned before the commencement of this trip, and I have stuck to the program plus a little more at times. The last few days have been just that 45, 50 and 43km.
It’s been a month like that and 1000km plus reached. I asked myself the question today, how long can this go on for? Not that I’m afraid that it can’t, but athletes take breaks in their careers, and I guess mine will be once reaching Cooktown. I have been looking after myself though. I have another 45km to run tomorrow, and then I have a rest day in the form of 25km, not a rest at all for most, but these days anything up to 30km is a dream distance, which goes to show how my body’s transforming and what’s becoming the norm. The long and more rugged terrain is behind me now and I’m hoping that my body take time to repairs itself over the flatter terrain.
Today was that flat terrain and for the most part a sealed road to, a quiet road that made its way through the grazing pastures of these parts. The weather was on my side today, and I enjoyed the views over the cattle stations and beyond.
It’s such a contrast from the alpine area, where I was just a week ago, I was slogging it out each day with monstrous climbs, I miss it though. There was something about that terrain or perhaps the rewards that came with overcoming it.
Today was more a mental challenge; days I knew I would have to tackle on this run and it was a reminder about SANE Australia and how some don’t get the choice to feel like I did today, for some daily life can be a challenge all of its own.
A simple 43km was all I had to do, but as mentioned before anything over the 30k mark it an effort, due to the back to back mileage I’m doing day in day out.
Reaching Crookwell today, I learnt that Vickie had once again been busy hitting up the media. Tomorrow I have an interview with the local rag and I presentation to give the local primary school over their assembly. Which I’m really looking forward too!
CROOKWELL – Can one be feeling both at the same time!

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