Monday, 26 March 2012

Day Two................ Follow the Yellow Dog Road

Today felt tougher than yesterday and for those of you that ran with me over the back of Maroondah Dam yesterday would know, that first half had some elevation! Today's run was a continual climb from Narbethong. I toodled down the road from the Black Spear Camping Ground at around 10am, a much later start than I had hoped but with all the goings on yesterday and not getting to bed until late I was mentally tired and needed the sleep.
I was however woken up at 6am with a phone call. It was the NOVA100 team wanting me to do an interview 30mins later with Hughesy  and Kate.
They opened up with the line "Are you insane?" I was quick to point out that though many a person thinks that is true, you just can't say things like that when I'm supporting SANE Australia a mental health charity, and the stigma that surrounds the issue. I will be crossing over again over the course of the run.....I might even get Hughesy to join me, what do you think?

If I don't have to see anything for a long time to come it will be a yellow day and the road it was named after! The Yellow Dog road is just that a dog of a road, and as beautiful as it is out here sometimes there are just parts that don't do it for you. Lots of those to come. As I said at the start of this blog, lots of climbing today not short and sharp just steady for the whole day, and it hurts a little when you’re trying to ease in to the routine of things. 10km of dirt road that goes up and up. I giggled at the time, as I wanted to do this!

I finished up at the striking Keppel Falls 15min out of Marysville, where I sit and type this with a couple of eagles flying over the tree tops. Vickie’s busily sorting out dinner and we hope to be done and in bed early tonight as I have 40km and an  interview with ABC 1 (I think it's tv??)  at 7am.

No parties on the trails today, just the beauty of the bush and all the wonderful things it has to offer, looking forward to day three and again in just a few hours’ time.

Until then Happy Running :)

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