Wednesday, 28 March 2012

VIC Day Four....................Short and Sweet!

I wasn't looking forward to this morning. I was in high spirits when I awoke, but felt a little beaten up from the day before.

As always, you get two K's down the road (or in this case trail ) and feel amazing once again, and the spur a ran across offered some beautiful views.

A short day today and much needed after yesterdays sun burnt 40km up some pretty steep terrain!

We had to drive back to Marysville this afternoon for some shopping at our great sponsors FoodWorks and met with the local rag! I went a little overboard with the shopping, blowing the $300.00 budget, and having to go back down all the isles putting the non-essentials back! I added more kms to the day in store than on the trail!

Chocolate, Chips, an Ice Coffee and a BBQ feast tonight! Not quit what Alan my nutritionist put on the plan, but, I'm 120km in!

See......short and sweet!

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  1. Sounds like you are starting to get into the rhythm of the trail. Loss of internet can be therapeutic, especially after the build-up you guys had. Enjoy.