Sunday, 18 March 2012

Runnings Last Day

It's hard to believe that when I opened my mouth that Christmas and the words "I'm going to run the Bicentennial National Trail" came out, that 15 months later I would be a week away from starting! I often wonder how I got here? I can still remember that first day when me and Vickie put pen to paper, to write a list of things we need to research, and not having the faintest idea as to where to start, and now BOOM! we have everything good to go and have an astonishing amount of support in all sorts of forms and from all manner of people and places, and as I have said many times before its overwhelming to say the least!

I had a few going away pressies which was special. Food is always a good one as a long distance runner, and when it comes in the form of cookies and chocolate coated camermel slabs, its hard to go wrong! I also, had an Inspirational book given to me also, it was a sign that I'm doing the right thing with this run; when I opened the book on this page.......................
and got a rainbow to boot! Thank you to everybody for your kindness.

Last long run until next Sunday and it felt great. Not great that I was finishing for the week, but, so great that I wanted to stay out there past the fours hours I had allocated myself. Funny how that works? You would think after this years training or even the past week of 200km plus, that I would be ready for a much needed break? That break nearly came in the form of a broken arm today. I slipped over on a wet clay downhill. It amazes me that after all the mileage I have done on the trails over the years, that I haven't had more topples. Anyway, a fright, a bruised, grazed arm and a massive dent in my ego, was what I luckily got away with!

Busy last week with media interviews and my meeting with John Landy on Tuesday. We feel very privileged to have Mr Landy helping us  promote this project. I have a heap of questions for him, not that I'm planning to be breaking four minute miles along trail! Picking up the Maui camper home tomorrow and will spend the afternoon fitting it out with all our gear. Exciting times ahead!

I was having a good old think out there today, about how I am feeling about the whole thing. I think the answers neutral. Many people have asked me this question over the last week and I haven't really had the right answer. I hope I can outline this in the video below.

Physically I feel in good shape, but get the odd paranoid feeling that things are not right with my body, the mind starts to play tricks when you get close to something this epic!

One week ladies and gentlemen!

Richie B

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