Sunday, 25 March 2012

VIC - Day One......A Surprise Party!

Well, what an amazing start to an amazing adventure with amazing support from all you amazing people! I don't use the word 'amazing' lightly. I really mean it.

Run BNT has begun, and what a great send off it was for the start of this 5330km journey. Thanks to the Healesville RSL for letting us use their dinning room and making the coffees and brekkie that was enjoyed by all.

It was a buzz to have so many people join me for the 3km road run to the Maroondah Dam Park, the kids did a great job at setting the pace a little high! With the BNT Maui leading the way, followed by the police four wheel drive we had a great procession to the trail head.

Those that decided to go that bit extra when entering the park, would have enjoyed the steep climb out the back of the dam, and had a real eye opener as to what I will face moving in to the alpine region of Victoria over the next week; where the climbs get bigger.

After the the runners started to peel off, it was time to get down to business, building the pace a little where I felt more comfortable. It was great to be running with Andy Hewet (Whippet) my mentor,  as well as training partners and some new found friends.

Great weather all morning, with the temperature plummeting some what as we reached the top of the climb. The rain stayed at bay thought it was raining in Melbourne when we took the early drive up.

Funny things happen out bush. Like a surprise party? 20km in and we are enjoying the beauty, smells and sounds of the forest. This came in the sound of duf, duf?? As we got closer we could see there were tents and a stage set up with people dancing. Was this a surprise party for the BNT launch? NO. We had stumbled along a illegal rave party that was in full flight. Strange to see people dressed as bunny rabbits and robots on a Sunday afternoon along the BNT route! One of our guys got called a freak by a guy dressed as a fairy! But the ravers thought it would be a great opportunity to take some photos of the man who was attempting to run to Cooktown. Freaky to them no doubt.

Finishing day one, I thought I could get some rest in, as I was up so early for an interview on The Australia all over show on ABC National radio and had to drive an hour to get to the start. However, I had to shoot some footage with my camera guy Andre for a piece he is putting together for Grays Online " A Day in the Life" great fun, but adding to a long and tiring day.

So, as I sit here at the Black Spur Camping Ground in this amazing part of the world, with the adventure of a life time now a reality. I would like to thank everybody for their commitment and continual support for this dream and the opportunity to make it real and help SANE Australia's work in helping those living mental illness.

Day two is only a few hours away. Until then I need some sleep!

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  1. Great day for a run in the mountains. Hope that sets the tone for the rest of your journey!
    Oh I am so glad you can explain that music. I was alone on the top of Mt St Leonard and could hear the duff-duff noise usually heard alongside a lowered Commodore on a Saturday night. I was thoroughly perplexed as to where it was coming from!
    Have fun out there guys.