Tuesday, 27 March 2012

VIC Day Three……………Put the Keppel on Love!

Sorry its late no connection for anything last night!
I was told by Whippet my Mentor that Day Three is the one when you question yourself. What he told me is that Day One is all excitement and adrenaline fuelled, and of course it was. Day two is, I can do this this is easy, I did it but it wasn’t so easy, and then Day Three; what the hell am I doing this for?! I was thinking about this today as I made the climb out of Keppel Falls on my way to the finish 40km later the other side of Mount Bullfight. I can see why he said this; the body is of course a little beaten up, and what do you expect after 104km of running and a lot of that uphill over the last three days, and I did have a time about 25km in today that I did jokingly ask myself the question why, but it was gone as quick as it came.
The “why”, is a question I get asked a lot and ask myself not often? I got the “why” this morning when conducting an interview with Radio ABC National. If you have to ask the question then I can never explain, and that seems to be my answer at the moment, and of course raising money and awareness for may charity partner SANE Australia.
So, to sum Day Three up:  Tough little climb from the campsite, before reaching the beautiful Keppel Hut, where the kettle wasn’t on (See below)

Then the trail opened up on to a management track through an area that had been heavily logged, so sad to see the beauty of this area just flattened like that, it also offered no shade and I got myself a sun burnt face! This trail was mostly downhill which of course did nothing for my quads, but the complete reverse from the Yellow Dag Road from yesterday!
Then it was another climb through the woodlands up Mount Bullfight on a four wheel drive track, before the steep descent to the finish for the day.
Vickie told me she had just arrived three minutes before I arrived, funny because I was hoping she could gain access, as the management tracks I had been on were not too great. But I should trust my mapping as she had a long but good drive in.
Of course she had the food at the ready, some leftovers  from last night’s pasta, the usual Musahsi/Power concoctions and I sat in the sun and snoozed for an half hour!
We sit here, Vickie writing her diary, me this blog, in the middle of nowhere. With no phone or internet connection………Bliss!

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