Saturday, 31 March 2012

VIC Day Six……….Keep Out!

When camping in the middle of know where without connection to the outside world, there is a sense of calm and fear at the same time. When it’s dark in the middle of know where….its dark and the only light there was last night was the amazing array of stars, and a slither of a moon that shone with a red glow. Amazing to say the least. But, there is always that fear of the unknown, that feeling that if anything happened then no one would have the faintest idea! Shouldn’t have watched those movies where people go missing in the bush before venturing out.

I awoke in the middle of the night to a flashlight flickering through the Maui curtains. I could here there was a car running at the end of the track where we had decided to camp for the night. Who or more to the point what would be around in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere? I lay there trying to figure out what was going on and if there was anybody around the Maui. The car revved up and began to cross the creek behind us. Night time four wheel driving perhaps? I enjoy running in the dark! It left and I fell back asleep, thing must have been OK as I have completed day six.

I got up in a great mood this morning which surprised me as I was so beaten up yesterday. I told Vickie the horror story of the night as she was fast asleep.

I bounced out the van, feeling pretty good about the run ahead, knowing there was going to be a yet another big climb, I was mentally prepared. 

It was a warm morning as I ran through the forest towards the spur climb, and the light was pretty as it shone through the morning fog and was broken up by the trees. It would have been perfect, but I kept seeing these signs that said “Private Property Keep Out” and they were everywhere. It made me feel like I was going to stumble upon something that I shouldn’t, but this was the official BNT route, I had to go this way.

Once I reached the spur track the climb began, and it was like Groundhog Day, just a repeat of yesterday’s steep climb. It was all over before I knew it and the views at the top as always were not a letdown. It was a steady downhill all the way back to the finish for the day.

Was it the finish? There was no Maui Mother ship! Ok, perhaps she got delayed in getting here. I stretched and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. 30mins passed and it crossed my mind that Vickie wanted the coordinates for the finish of day seven this morning and I was hoping that wasn’t where she was! No phone reception, no civilisation, just me wondering if everything was all right.

……..and it was!

Oh, and what was I in fear of during the nights drama’s? Well it turns out there was just another person wanting to find a camp for the night, on their very own adventure no doubt!

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